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Greatest Silent Female Stars

Lya DePutti    Marlene Dietrich    Louise Brooks    Janet Gaynor    Henny Porten    Greta Garbo    Leni Riefensthal    Pola Negri    Alice Terry    Clara Bow    Lillian Gish    Corrine Griffith    Gloria Swanson    Mabel Normand    Nazimova

Greatest Silent Male Stars

Emil Jannings    Conrad Veidt    Lon Chaney    Paul Wegener    Milton Sills    Wallace Beery    Ronald Coleman    Otis Skinner    Lewis Stone    John Barrymore    Valentino    John Gilbert    Harry Carey    William Farnum    Douglas Fairbanks Sr.    Eric Von Stroheim

Greatest Silent Directors

Abel Gance    F. W. Murneau    G. W. Pabst    Ernest Lubitsch    Fritz Lang    Rene Clair    Mauritz Stiller    Luis Bunnel    Hitchcock    E. A. Dupont    Eric Von Stroheim

Rare and "Lost" Titles, Such as...

"Dr. Mabuse" - The Original Complete German 5 hour version
"J'Accuse" - Abel Gance's WW1 Anti-war drama - either silent or sound version
"Eyes Of The Mummy Ma"    "Die Puppi"    "The Tiger's Coat"
Conrad Veidt in: "Opium" + "Wilheim Tell" + "Cesare Borgia" + "A Walk in the Night" + "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" + "The Brothers Schellenberg" + "The Beloved Rogue" + "The last Performance"
"Hamlet" Asta Neilsin    "Sir Arne's Treasure"    "Anna Bolena"
"Tarzan & The Golden Lion"    "Dante's Inferno" 1924    "The Burning Soil"
"Menschen Am Sontag"    "La Roue"    "Sodom And Gomorrah"
"A Page Of Madness"

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